• Lyn Hayhurst

Wow, crazy times

So, I've not written in forever, but times are currently so crazy I'm still trying to find my feet.

I'm working mostly on Facebook in the group 'The Busy Bee Hive' for my sales business and 'Busy Bee's Busy Pets' for my dog walking/pet sitting business.

Yep, that's right, just before lockdown I set up a pet sitting/dog walking business. I'm always offering to look after friends animals and love them so much that I decided to see if I could turn my passion into an income source. It started off great, I even ended up with our own dog from the first pet sit I did :) but then lockdown hit and everything paused :/ ...luckily the dog walking has been much easier to pick back up than doing my stalls which are currently still on pause :(

I have however been making more of an effort on Facebook and have also started to make my own necklaces (which I absolutely love though as yet none have sold :/ )

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