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2 weeks in to the summer hols :o

So the summer hols are well and truly upon us and I'm busier than ever :o ...feel like I'm spending half my time refereeing my boys :/ but we've been enjoying plenty of lovely days out :) ...we've been to Legoland, The Forbidden Corner, Alton Towers (though we turned around and came home as soon as we got there as we couldn't cope with the wasps), we've been swimming, been to friends parties and we're only 2 weeks in :) ...we've been working just as hard as we've been playing though with stalls every weekend so far. My hama bead creations fly out at each of them so then I'm busy making more between stalls and I'm still working at updating this site with my new products...I'm about to go and add my wax melts...hope you enjoy!!xx

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