Parties come in all shapes and sizes....

Traditional Party

I bring my kit along, play a few games to break the ice and get everyone relaxed and having a laugh. Give a short presentation about the business and the products. Demonstrate some of my favourite ones. Then I let the guests have a play with the products and ask me any questions they'd like to. 

This type of party works well with any size of group and any kind of personality type

PJ & Pamper Party

No games, sales pitches or presentations at this one.  Everyone attends in something comfortable. Preferably PJ's, but it could be trackies, jeans etc. Chills out, has a good natter, and a play with any of the items in my kit. I'm happy to answer any questions and make recommendations if asked for them but the focus of the night is just to have a nice girly pamper night.

Again thus type of party works for any size group and any personality types.

Basket Party

For those of you that don't want to gather your friends at your house for whatever the reason I can give you a basket full of products for you to keep for a week or two. You can try them out for yourself, show them to your friends and family and still have the rewards of having an actual party.

Facebook Party

This is for those of you who don't want to gather your friends together at home etc but would still like a little help explaining the products to your friends rather then letting them simply try them out, or for those of you whose friends live further away and so you can't let them try the samples. Facebook parties run for 5 days so that people can dip in and out of them when they have the time to. We play a few games, and I tell you a bit about the products, I show you the results from some of the products and where possible I'll send a few samples out beforehand for people to try,

Treatment party

This is where I come along and give the host some kind of treatment ie a facial, make over, manicure, pedicure etc using the products which I sell and guide the guests to do the same treatment on each other in pairs. 

This type of party works best with very small numbers and quieter personality types that will enjoy relaxing as opposed to wanting a good natter

So, what are the rewards of hosting a party? .....

* I like to thank the hosts for having a party for me with a small gift from myself.

* There are prizes for the games at the Traditional and Facebook parties.

* If the total Party spend reaches £150 the host receives 10% off their order.

* If the total party spend reaches £250+ the host receives 20% off their order.