About Me.

Hi, my name is Lyn. I am a single mother to two wonderful boys.  I like to keep myself busy (hence the name Busy Bee).  I enjoy learning new things, various hobbies (mostly sports based or craft based) and socialising. 

Shortly after having my eldest and having to give up the job that I had to look after him I joined Avon to earn a little extra income to help to pay for Christmas and birthday presents etc. 

Finding that I loved how much it meant that I could work around him and would never have to miss any of his milestones or school events etc I started joining other MLM businesses as I had realised that there was no way I could earn a full time wage from Avon alone.

After trying to juggle 6 or 7 different businesses I made the realisation that if I put all of my efforts into just my FM business I would find it much easier to earn that kind of income and have plenty of free time for me and the boys.  So now I enjoy sharing the FM products with other people and helping those that want it to create an extra income for themselves by doing the same. 

Update: Now that the boys are a little older I have started doing stalls again and to compliment the FM I have added Bath and Body products, Wax melts and Hama Bead creations, all of which seem to be doing very well for me.

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